Sunday, September 7, 2008

Traveled-traveling Socks

The Ya-Yo gals and I went on a little boat ride to hang at one of the local yarn shops. (I did make a small purchase of Socks that ROck Agate yarn which are on the needles now) This was the second annual or possibly the "3 years after the first trip" Reunion. This year EVERYONE took the public transit to the ferry dock. Yippy! I am slowly influencing ALL my friend. Al Gore are you watching me?

These soon-to-be-famous socks are the Sockamania Cable heel socks. While this weekend they traveled with me and got a few photo opportunities, they will be put in the mail for a new adventure. Watch out "Number won fans," who ever you are... you might find something in your mail box. I am hoping this cool gal will let me in on Cable Sock's next adventures in her clogs. :)

One more with a city shot.

These here are the Sockamania Flower socks. They are going out to one of my scrappy fans. She helped my blanket project in a big way, this caused her to join the number WON club. She will be surprised to see what her garbage scraps can make!

Here is an update on the blanket with a few more scrapped into it. 21% into the project.

This month might not be a typical sockergirl blog as I am trying to make new friends in a sweater knit along. (Yes, I will try to surpress my sock snobbery and pretend to knit sweaters regularly.) I don't think there is need to worry that my name will change to sweatergirl, although it might change to Sweatgirl if this project gets me a bit overworked and stressed out. (hmmm what ever happened to those knit mohair sweater pieces ... dream dream... wishing it would magically sew itself up.)

Now a shout out to my one fan in Istanbul, my groupies in North Brook & Hillsborough.