Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Well this is the best I could do for holiday pictures. Maybe I will get some better pictures when I visit the local base tomorrow. I am kind of hoping to see a real Christmas tree and multiple colored lights, not just white. Not complaining, Rudolph left something in my stocking since Santa was too busy. He might of had trouble reading the Japanese maps to get here, not to mention the lack of a chimney in this cement building.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Yep, another pair

Sorry it has been a while. Life has gotten boring again. hee hee.. Sometimes boring is a good thing because that means I can get some knitting done. I finished the Sockamania snowflake sock. Made with tweed black and gold fortissima yarn on size 2s and yikes! 68 stitches, which I gradually decreased after the pattern to 60 with the added toe variation. Let's see instead of blogging I ... read a whole book (The first non text book this year, it was about the mofia.) and I found a really cool Kung Fu game for the DS, and I am making travel plans for the holidays.

Here is a picture of my rock star friends hanging out in the expensive part of town. We tried to get the Sherpa to buy my Phillipine bodyguard and I coach bags. But none of us are that famous to even step in the store. *( We were on a mission to see a little live theater... for 5 hours! a couploe hours is fine but sitting in little theater seats is kind of uncomfortable when you are the size of Godzilla.
Well Until next time when I get some interesting knitting going or finished...

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ran to the hills

We took a little field trip to the hills, and on the way we had to pass through some beautiful autumn colors. The air was crisp and the colors were amazing.

As the air got crisper the leaves got fewer

...and fewer..
The clouds started to come in.

Oh, sorry about the scary ninja. Really this is what happened:

My body guard was forced to knit my socks outside in the snow! The picture does not show the snow falling very well. But many of my friends saw snow for the first time ever. Then we got back on the bus and saw

The beautiful Kegon Falls. Although, being an NW snob, my waterfalls are better in the NW. We got back on the bus... hee hee knitting time!!! Where I finished this,
Lorna's Laces Camouflage sock with the Mock Cable pattern from IW book My favorite socks. Check the errata before starting. but awesome socks!
Then I also returned to my computer to get the new Sockamania pattern which is looking like this:
That is about all for this week, as for the NW ... Rumor has it the water was up to my window sill, and within millimeters of flowing into my apartment. The maintenance guy saved the day and magically moved the River & Lake outside my window. Is that possible? I am very thankful. Hope every one survived the storm without much harm. Until the next pair of socks.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Snow for you and still leaves for me

Rumor keeps coming over the internet that I sent a typhoon over filled with snow. I need to set the records straight, I had noting to do with the typhoon. I did not even meet it, I have had blue sky almost everyday all week. There may have been a cloudy day Wendesday. This weather is perfect for watching the leaves fall. (Don't be mistaken, winter is just around the corner and snow could fall within the month.) So with the leaves theme, I found a beautiful Maple tree to let my camo socks photo in, but it is hard to see the socks. DAH, they are camoflouge, what was I thinking? First here is the beautiful tree:http:
Now here are the Camo socks resting.
I used the Mock Cable pattern from My Favorite socks book. After I was 4 rounds in I noticed something not working in the pattern. Since I don't have my book here in my hands, I went to Ravelry were someone noted the errata web page. I was able to get this sock whipped out soon after the correction. Lorna's laces has awesome yarn and there was no trouble with pooling. the colors are amazing, not to mention the soft yarn. ... well, I am not wasting anymore time here I should be finishing this pair!

Oh I am waiting for the sockamania sock pattern but it is jammed in internet space. :( not sure what the next pair will be then... since I will finish these socks tomorrow. Pictures on Wednesday