Sunday, August 30, 2009

Slippery Surfaces

Sheldon and I jumped in the car bright and early. Passports in hand, we were headed for a big international trip. A little currency in our pockets, we headed north for a few hours in hope for finding Maple flavored yarn. Before we got to the boarder we picked up the homemade cookies.... I mean cousin Nyata who brought the cookies in trade for a days adventure. We won't mention her getting her fingers stuck in the car door getting the lunch out. You could say she had a little bad luck today.
This was our big destination the Oval. Alright, so you might have caught on that Sheldon and I were out doing a little research for the winter Knitting Olympics. Yes, trying to assess the size of the event ahead of us. First we started outside the building with the beautiful architecture and artwork.

And high rafters. The wood used in this building is beautiful pine beetle infested lumber, one million board feet. The roof is 6.5 acres!
After sheldon got out of the cement, we wondered further around the building...

to the salmon pond.

Before we headed inside the Oval Cousin Nyata had to attract a bee to sting her foot and take a little attention away from Sheldon. He then made a friend.
And would not leave until he had free entry and $3 skate rentals.
This is a 400 meter rink to be used for the speed skating contest. In the middle there are 4 basketball courts, 4 badminton courts and 4 ping pong table. This place is ready for any competition, even a little knitting?
Oh, Sheldon wants you Olympians to know the time to beat in the 400 meter is 87 seconds.
Finally, after skating we wandered down to an old Japanese fishing Village, Stevenston. We were able to take in the farmers market, but not able to taste any of the international cuisine or local sock yarns as we did not have any currency.

Therefore the three of us drove back to our land of the free to fill our tummies. BUT why is it sooo difficult to enter this land??? I am always baffled by this timely event.
Thanks again to our fans out there for joining us on our field trip, please don't turn us into the knitting police for trying to assess the competition ahead in the up coming event.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

NO Kidding!

Apparently my number one fan thought I staged the previous blog posting. Seriously... The green yarn was at the bottom of my drive and the yarn is still there! So I decided to make a voodoo doll to protect me. She is made from the most fabulous yarn "No Kidding." (It was free for a contest.) The yarn designer must have created it as a joke! If you are dying to get your hands on No kidding, I can hook you up with a ton of it for free. My self designed doll has quickly made friends with Sheldon, well he is a little spooked by her beauty.

Then Voodoo Girl and I went off to Stitch N Pitch. She was part of my gift bag set. If I actually used No Kidding I would get a prize. (Have you noticed I am all about free or discounted?) Here is Voodoo Girl posing at the coffee shop before the gates opened up at 5pm.

When I entered the ticket gates, I asked where the Yarn vendors were. The ticket-taker looked at me and said, "Yes, there are vendors at the top of the stairs in case you forgot something." Hmmm, are knitters forgetful? It seems my groupies forgot a FEW items, projects AND cute knit kits. I was good and knit with what I had on me.

Since Voodoo girl and I bought no souvenirs, my friend D helped me get the perfect souvenir picture of Voodoo-girl enjoying the game. (Wait, were they even playing back there?) I just know there was a game in the background interfering with our knitting conversations, someone won and someone lost. BUT I did get my prize for the joke yarn I knit. Was it worth it??

I can always use another set of needles. Seems every time I need a specific needle, I don't seem to have the correct length or size... or smoothness. In recent I have been depending on my fans and supporters. Thanks again for feeding the addiction.
Sheldon and I are going to leave the country. I hope his lack of a passport does not cause us trouble with security.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This might be a sign.

I walk to work and on my way this morning I found this along my shared drive way.

[The above image should show a wood log piece with green acrylic yarn set on top.)
What does this mean? Is it safe to return home? Should I have picked up the yarn to protect myself later in the day? I am so conflicted and confused by this siting!!!