Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Here it is.... wah ha ha... Mash-up madness

These beautiful socks could be yours.... if you are my Sockapalooza Pal. Is it you? Do you wish it was you? These socks took about a week to knit up. There is a beautiful design on the front (uhm, kinda like the Breeze sock at knitty) and the back of the foot is a lace deisgn with cables mixed in. I know this design would have been so much cooler with a solid color. But have you ever seen me use a solid color yarn for socks? I don't believe I could knit a pair of socks in a solid color...... unless it was a green yarn. So, apparently my pal did not request green. the yarn here is Lorna Laces in glenwood, size #2 needles. the color way is very soothing.
OH, I forgot to have you check out the lacy top. Yes, it was a knit 99 cast on with yarn overs- unders and thrus... which turned into 62 stitches, I swear. Since this is a public forum, let's just say I mastered the rib in the first try.
This blurry picture is the back of the leg..... can you make out the pattern?

oh man.... I feel Sheldon the turtle wanting to be knit.... what to do? turtle, turtle...

Monday, July 30, 2007

Completed but distracted by blinky-girl

Yes, I did complete the Sock Madness Mash-up Madness socks which are also my Sockapalooza socks. I had full intent to post a picture of them here, but I got side tracked in blog land. Are you surprised? Has it eve happened to you? To conclude: I will post the sock pictures tomorrow, and you will have to be satisfied with tonight's photo, or uhm.. avatar. You can get your own at www.simpsonsmovie.com

Friday, July 27, 2007

Stitch N Pitch - Losers or Winners?

The gals and I suited up with our best compact knitting projects and hiked into the nosebleed seats. We were surrounded by other knitters, had a pretty good view of the home plate and better yet, no one needed oxygen or the defibrillator machine. We did good!
Yes, this one the give-away, needle holder. I will have to test it out in my next travel trip. Maybe then I won't lose needles in China. :)
As in previous years there were many shops to show off their beautiful fibers... and I tried to resist. I knew I would buy one skien, but they tricked us. They had two sections of yarn tables. After I looked over section one I decided on the below yarn. Yes, GREEN. (I was feeling like I've been neglecting this color with all the recent orange-ish socks.) Then we get closer to our section and see... a few other tables. One was filled with Socks that Rock.
My partner in crime (Sockfanatic wishes to remain anonymous) quickly found the magic sock yarn of my dreams. We had both been waiting to see Lemon Grass in the stores. Next issue after the one skien on the table was snatched by shopping enabler, she preceded to inquire if there was MORE Lemon grass. Indeed there was, and we both were able to enjoy the evening talking to each other, without harm to each other and lemon grass skien in our knit bags. hee hee...
After the bit of shopping and drooling over many other reasonable color choice we sat to watch the game, take silly pictures and be rowdy knitters. Look at the progress of my Sockapalooza sock... cool eh?
The worst part of the game was not losing. Sorry Ichiro... and all the Joses on the team. Me being the eco-girl that I wish I coudl be all the time, I rode the bus downtown. Good idea? Oh yeah. Cruised INTO the city 20 minutes. Return? the actual ride was 20 minutes, BUT they did not post that our return bus stop closes on game day and if you walk 2 more blocks the bus will pick you up there afte rthe 7th inning. oh... well you do learn something knew everyday. At 11pm I was boarding the bus and 1130pm I was stinking into the front door. Well, must wake early AM for the 7am work shift, then paint a house this weekend.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tessellating Lace Sock colors?

Recently I have become addicted to the laptop. You might not notice it yet because... there have been a few completed projects and posts. But I have been floating around the web looking for new patterns and seeing who is up to stitching up cool socks and the patterns involved. You guessed it... I am becoming a Ravelry-aholic. I am who I am... you'll find me on Ravelry as "sockergirl." Upper case? Lower case? I am not a snobby about the "S"... but I might become snobby about my knitting. I'll apologize in advance.

The Sockapalooza socks are half completed :), which always makes me think about my next pair. I spotted the Tessellating Lace Socks at Kat's Knitting the Light Fantastic blog. (Sorry not sure how to link.) She designed some pretty socks and needed a knit tester. Since I need to get OFF line and do more around the house, like knitting, (not cleaning or painting the outside) I volunteered to test knit the pattern. Below is the sock Kat designed and knit: Nice knits! But the next question is.... which yarn should I make them up in? Let me know what you think. the yarns from left to right are: On-line cotton (red, blue, green, yellow) Opal (yellow black white) STR G-Rock (varigated purples, green, golds) Monarch Sport (local hand painted greens and yellows varigated?) and Opal (striped yellow gold blues.)If all goes well with the mash up madness, I will start the Tessellating Lace Saturday or Sunday?

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Lots of cables here lately

Here is this week's pair of socks. It is the Favorite Socks (interweave)- Cable Rib Socks. Pretty easy, especially with the soft Austerman Step yarn. Although it seemed to fuzz a bit when I had the socks in creation. hmmm.... I may need to wash them carefully. :( there are full cables (leg-foot) on the outside and short leg cables on the inside. I like the colors. they should go well with .. uhm... my khakis.I opened my blogg and all the orange socks scared me.... so I quickly cast on a ... GREEN pair of socks to calm me. I feel better .

BUT.... reality... I MUST knit Sockapoola socks. Oh they are due... in a week. I hope my pal is cooking up something super cool!! I am going for mad Mash UPs - attempt number 2. starting them tomorrow and not knitting anything else until they are done... well maybe a green relief every once in a while. oh, if any one has ideas for a pattern for my green panda friend... 56 sts....

Monday, July 16, 2007

One more for June, and two for July

Here is the much awaited pictures for the last few weeks of my knitting life. I hate to tell you guys, I really did not miss the internet connection for the last few weeks.... I guess that is a good sign that I am not addicted to the computer.... I think. :) Here is pair number one completed on the plane. Pattern is from More Sensational knits and is a 5 stitch pattern Open Twisted Ribbing. Made from Lana Grossa cotton, size 2 needles and 60 stitches. I recommend the pattern and the yarn!Then in July I decided to give the 6 sock's Eiffel Tower design a try. I had to change the toe up image to a top down... hmm... not sure it went so well. But the sock yarn color turned out pretty good. On-line summer color 100, size 2 needles 60 stitches. These socks seemed to drag on through the dull pattern. Or maybe it was the heat and humidity that were getting to me.After all this crazy patterning I thought it was time for a pair of green socks. :) Creative Arts color #104, size 3 needles, 48 stitches, simple sock pattern. This pair of socks will keep my toes toasty in the winter for sure!The long plane ride home helped me get a good start on my next Jojoba step socks. :) one done tonight, and the next one???? but I also need to get the sockapalooza sock finished by August 2nd. Hope to log on soon now that I am closer to my stash!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sorry no pictures

Been a while since I wrote. I have been busy on the road dealing with lost passport, wallets, cameras. Thank goodness none of these items were mine. :) I have been able to finish a pair of cotton socks for summer and I have one more pair close to completion and another single sock from wool. I am pretty sure the weather will become hot and that wool sock will hybernate for the remains of the trip. Fortunately. the temperature is hanging in at 26 C all day long. :) so too humid yet. WIll did have a day last week at 30 C adn humid. today is a long sleeve day since i am cold blooded. HOpe to post pictures by the end of the week. Sock on!