Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Busier than expected

Funny how time flies when you are on vacation and getting ready for vacation. But the time leading up to the vacation. The regular everyday life?
So I had hoped to finish a pair of cotton socks and post the completed picture ALL over the internet... but I am stuck on the heel and the last time I through a loop was... shhh.... Sunday. :( To make up for the non knitting. I D-stashed the crappy frilly stuff I had some how accumulated into those under bed bins. After moving this on to a happier owner, I cruised over to the yarn store and bought some.... GREEN..... Panda cotton. hee hee .... hee hee.... so on to my 2 week vacation. Let's see how many socks I can knit!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

still knitting

Here are the tofu socks! small needles and lots of stitches. This pair makes the 78th pair of socks I have made in the last two and a half years.
I bought another skien of tofutsies thinking I should make the Jaywalker 72 st pattern. But then I realized I would have to go down another size of two of needles. So I was able to entice a friend to try the marvelous tofutsies yarn. Wa la... yarn passed on and out of my stash. I sure have a lot of yarn left from this pair of socks. I'll just add it to the remnants bin. :)
Oh, so I am super busy right now at work and I was working most of the weekend on this project. The project is close to complete... but I had to take a little time out and ferry across to the church mouse and check on some yarn colors. :) well at $11 a skien I did a little in store research, and came up with Bel-Air being similar to Cascade's Pastaza yarn. Now I am going to have to find that perfect color. I was looking at olive... I still might be. hmm....
Well, I need to move on to doing some more work before the work week! This pair makes the 78th pair of socks I hav emade in the last two and a half years.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Weekend update...

So I was too lazy to update with pictures, I hope to put those up tomorrow. I finally made my first dish cloth for a friend who requested a pair. I did not know that the sugar n' cream yarn made two cloths per package. So now I must make another set to try and give away, or place the cheap cotton amongst my snobby sock wool stash. I also did a little shopping, visited...... uhm..... only 4 yarn stores this weekend and only bought about two skeins of sock yarn. Yes, I was panicking I would run out soon! I am tempted to go back and get that panda cotton green fern color.... hee hee hee... oh what do I do????? that's right I am on a yarn diet, OR I will be soon.... Should I start next week? Oh, I also completed a whole sock and turned the heel on my tofu sock. BUT I really want to make a sweater.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Oh, Bananas!

Here they are, Opal hand dyed banana color. Great yarn to knit with and I can't wait to make a pair of banana gloves this fall. Why two pairs of the same sock? I loved the yarn and color, but the real reason has to do with my rule to never rip out. I made the first pair with one sock on double point needles and the other sock on two circulars. Everything seemed normal at the time that pair was complete, until I tried the sock on and one sock was a half an inch shorter! (The 2 circs seem to knit tighter than dbpts.) So I opted to make another wacky pair like the first. I still like the yarn and they will go well with my khakis. On to the next pair... I am thinking to start the secodn Tofu sock. I want to take it on my trip in a few weeks.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

6 months stash?

If sockergirl was to run away from home for 6 months, would strangers offer her sock yarn? Or should she plan for a yarn free travel? Impossible! Let's assess the situation at hand. Let's just pretend that sockergirl's sock stash looks like this:Clearly this is not the average human's yarn stash. This apparently is a sockaholic's yarns stash. A sockaholic is always in search for the latest greatest yarn to build the world's best socks. Indeed the above picture showcases about 65 pairs of unknit socks. This means if sockergirl is fully participating in the 52 plunge, this is a little more than a years worth of sock yarn. She had better pack about half the skiens to remain mentally balanced in her new surroundings. It will take hours to decided which fibers get to travel to the distant island. Let's see what the preliminary cut is........It seems that the game plan is to make a fall cardigan out of blossom. Hmm, will this involve soccer buttons? There also seems to be a multi-diagonal scarf amongst the 22 skeins of sock yarn. With the extra knit items will sockergirl be able to maintain her pace on the 52 plunge?

What if socker girl gets bored with her yarn choices come month 5? Will she be able to pursway a fellow islander to sell yarn to her? So many unknowns, I guess you will have to wait and see what happens.

OH BOY! We better make sure the ruby slipper squeeze IN with the essentials.

Monday, June 4, 2007

still kntting

With the nice weather it was more of challenge to knit around the house. But I did manage to get a few more singles started. I am working on a cotton sock for summer using a pattern from More Sensational knits, 5 stitch rib pattern thing. then the Banana sock is to the heel on the double pointed needles. Just for fun, I might start another pair on the 1 1/2 size needles... we will see... I also would not mind finding some yarn around here for the six socks June pattern. Hope to have some pictures by the end of the week.