Sunday, May 31, 2009

May Day! May Day!

May Day! May Day! Procrastination has set in! Apologizes to my dedicated fans as I went amiss for almost two months. Of course, I am fine just knitting up a storm. Woh, wait! T here actually have been very few storms here in the Northwest and I've been out searching for knit spots again.
As you can tell there were mobs of knitters taking over the hill, so we called it a day and took the quick run down. :) hee hee...

No worries we put the knitting needles away before boarding down a few thousand feet! See....
Upon returning home we grabbed more wool, a couple more knitters and ran up another hill. This mountain had an Anniversary recently. :)

As you can tell, there was continued awesome weather for our knitting adventure.

We soon realized this spot might not be good for fumbly knitters. If you drop a needle or a place marker, worse yet your new Cookie A book? It just might be infuriated by the volcano. You want to see our live view?

7 hours of hiking and you could enjoy this view too.......
One of my knitters was a little anxious to start a new sweater, so we all put on our best heavy duty garbage bag and sped down the mountain. Weee!

There were a few other knitting adventures less spectacular, but the results were the all quite similar:

Sock Madness Round Two socks. Some tough stranding work to keep me in the competition. Knitpicks Daffodil and a solid light blue.

Then there was Round Three, with Happy Feet. I opted out on this round due to too many hours at the office. :( Just hate it when work gets in the way.

Third pair here is the Lacey Diamonds in an amazingly cool color, green OF COURSE, from Fancy Images. Nice, eh?

Fourth completed pair was knit with Regia Patch Antik color 5754, this pattern is from the new Cookie A. book, pattern number one, Glynis. We will see if I succeed knitting every patten of the book. Looks good so far!

Sorry to be so long winded, but there should be a little something to satisfy everyone of my fans out there. Hope to see you all soon.