Sunday, September 30, 2007


Wow! I can't believe the week flew by so quickly. I have been working so hard that I am finding it hard to make time to knit. But I did take a few trips into town in the evenings which bought me some knitting time! Not to mention that the temperature are finally dropping a bit. While I am still optimistic to get the mohair sweater done by Christmas... I am not seeing time to have it done this month. :(

I finally got a little mojo going for the kool-aid socks and they are DONE!!! Thank goodness. The next easy pair is on the needles and I am hoping to thread in some cool pattern after they are knit up. It should be a surprise in many aspects. :)

The Brazilian girls and I went down to the local soccer game, after changing trains 3 times!!! It was a lot of fun and we were lucky our $25 seats were covered from the heavy rain that has been falling all day long. The game was scoreless until the last 3 minutes when the Brazilian player knocked in a goal. My friends were super excited. Here are a few pictures to enjoy.

Did you want a better close up? Little arrow pattern

I forgot to mention the super cool fireworks I viewed from my friend's 10 story building. WOW!!! the fireworks went on for an hour. I thought after they put the happy face images in the sky and hello kitty images up the grand finally was just around the corner.... not for another half an hour. I would love to see them again next year. I wanted to take pictures but I was afraid to leave my comfortable seat and plate of sushi. :) It was really a nice party to attend.

Friday night I met a friend an we went to a popular area along the river after a 90 degree day. It was wonderful to sit and watch the boats floating by with the cool autumn breeze. We counted 40 party boats out in the bay area at one time. nice way to end the week.

I took a picture of the socks guarding my computer in my new computer room. This is were everyone shares the signal. So when I am talking to you on Skype this is where my socks and I are.... :) Cozy isn't it?

Monday, September 24, 2007

I went to tthe park!

Look what I did at the park besides eat my lunch with a friend.

I got a picture of my fabulous new gloves. Now my friend whom I had lunch with wants a pair. hmm... not sure I want to do that since each finger took about 30 minutes.

I think there is hope that I may wear these soon since the weather seems to be cooling down for fall. I can't wait!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Summer of Socks count

I believe today is the last day of summer, unfortunately summer just keeps continuing!!! It is a ridiculous 35 degrees Celsius out. Yes, definitely not "knitting in the park" weather. To celebrate the coming of fall I don't have to work on Monday, although it will probably still be 30 some degrees in the 90.

As summer concludes and the SOS wraps up I must confess the socks are slowing down as more interesting winter projects start to take over. I only managed to to knit 8 and a half pairs of socks. I had hoped to knit more to get ahead on the 52 sock plunge. I may just jump off the wagon.... but I have all this stash to burn through!!!

To conclude summer I must show the half a pair of socks... maybe by Monday it will be a pair and ready to wear in the beginning of fall. This is my hand-dyed knit picks yarn with the little arrowhead pattern from Sensational Knits. 4 simples rows that threw off too many times. Even after all the pain of the pattern I can't wait to wear them.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

More knitting adventures

I've been busy knitting, meeting and playing around... of course. Yesterday I finished the awful kool-aid sock and now I have one more to make. Can I finish it before the end of the month?? I would rather sit in the library and study that knit on the stupid sock. It looks really nice on and will be great for this heat wave we are in. Yes, it was another 90 degree day and too hot to wear any hand knit socks. :( In fact I ALWAYS wear my delicately hand crafted socks that even when I am not wearing socks... I am still wearing socks. (I have a bad tan line, albino white to a light white color.)

I went to my new knit group Tuesday night. of course I got lost on the way, did not take the address, phone number, etc... so I stopped into AmPm to ask where the bar was.... and the clerk kind of freaked out. "No not around here." I circled the block because I could sense the needles working nearby, and half a block away I found the group. It was a pretty cool group. But I am not used to knitting in bar. hmm.... but I will get used to it. there were about 10 people and they were all working on a variety of things. Once it cools down a bit more people will probably drop in.

I saw the coolest thing in the yarn store. It was kind of expensive but I am a glow in the dark fanatic. There was fingering weight glow in the dark yarn in 4 colors, 75 yards for $6. While I can't really justify the purchase yet.... uhm, I am definitely trying make it seem cheap. I could put hidden stripes or patterns in my socks. How cool would that be???

oh, I finished a glove and the other one is about half done. I did take a picture and with the background says 32 degrees, that is not in F.
I am surprised I did not have a heat stroke modeling the glove in the sun.

Do you want other curious pictures?

This is taller than that thing in Paris. :) 勝った、よ。

How about this building?

If you are watching the news you would know that it is empty for various reasons. Next week it should be back on track... well of a sort.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mary Poppins, I am.

Today was a nice causal knit day. I thought I would take my super cool Mary Poppin's wheels out for a spin. I am not used to having hand breaks and no gears. But all the same I can break light speed and pass everyone on the street. :) I can even eat and ride the bike, all I need is a coffee holder and I will feel more at home.

Of course the first order of the day was to elbow in for some parking. As well as be attentive to where parking ticket are given out.
NOPE, this is not my granny bike. I think the parking fines are chopping off a finger. That sure would make knitting a challenge.

Here are the results of my errands.
I have two of the five fingers on the gloves. I am using the knitty Broad Street Mitten pattern slightly adapted. Ok, very much adapted. I am taking notes for the other glove in hopes they match.

I was glad I road the bike in the hot 85 wind, as walking would have been more tiring. When I got home I took this picture of my gloves with my neglected arrow socks in the garden. I must show this picture as I had to brave the mosquitoes!

I am just glad today did not involve 4 hours in the Karaoke room!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Picture update.

Here are those pictures as promised. The Irish Hiking scarf. Nice isn't it? I almost want to start counting the days until winter. But then again I should enjoy the final 80 degree days, even though I tucked all my shorts away last week when it seemed fall had kicked in.

I have been working on these little arrow socks... uhm very slowly and there seems to be many disagreements. :( Will I ever finish this sock?

Good news is that my sock stash has been conveniently relocated next to my desk. It seems I will be working late because I seem to have a lot to learn. My peers are quite amazing and I feel like a little frog learning to swim. (Do they learn to swim.... I just like green things ... maybe a bad comparison.) Even though I am just a tadpole, everyone is very very nice and it seems like we are working very well together.

I may go start a new pair of socks that will go fast... I really need another unfinished project.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Lack of concentration

It seems I am becoming attention deficit. When I went to log in today I forgot my password. You know I thought I would change it up and make it difficult to log in. It also seems that spell check has run away from me. Sorry, please read at your own risk.

Today`s random thought - On the way to work it was lightly raining with 80 degree temperature. How does that work anyway?

As some of you know I just wrapped up one big project at work and I have now shifted to a different division. So I have been a little on sensory over load. The new group is working out well. I am looking forward to this change and perhaps there will be room for lots of creativity. but who wants to talk about work here?

Yesterday was a slow day and my fingers were able to work fast. I started an Irish Hiking scarf in a beautiful chocolate brown. I was able to do 32 inches, 2 skeins of knit Picks wool of Andes :) then I worked a little on the cool-aid socks, even though the pattern and I keep arguing with each other. :( Then I just could not resist starting a pair of daffodil gloves. I have being talking about making gloves, well this year it will happen. NO pictures yet... but they will come soon.

I must go to the store and see if I can find khaki tights, I am not ready for winter black tights yet. (yes, with the changes I have to dress up from time to time. That does mean a skirt, button up blouse etc. don:t worry I am not posting any picture here for this rare siting.)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

93 degrees and knitting?

As I ran errands this afternoon in the Pacific NW September heat wave, I tried to motivate myself for the next wool project. I just know that soon it will be back to fleece weather. I am trying to decided which pile of wool will get all the attention. It is either ... Irish HIking scarf, the lacy leaf pattern mohair scarf, the Tototro hat, or another pair of socks. the cool-aid yarn is all wound and ready to go... but which will get posted next time??? I better go sip some lemonade first!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Flames put out

One more pair of socks done! This pair was a tough one, not technically but I never caught the rhythm. Not to mention I hate fixation. This is the same color of yarn I used for my knee high soccer sock project, which I thought would take 4 balls and only took three. Meaning I had a ball of the green stuff around the house left over without a mate. I had to buy another ball to get make a pair. I like the color and subtle color changes, BUT this yarn does not match the pattern, Flame Wave from Fav Socks book. I thought this would be a quick knit on the size 5 needles.... not so much. I am not really going to talk about the extreme snugness this sock has... this pair might go to my little sister with rinky dink feet. Now I can start the cool aid socks!!!

Oh I have a small correction. I have 62 pairs to choose from everyday. There was a completed pair hiding in a bag and this pair.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Definitely not tranquilizers

I had a pleasant surprise this afternoon when I got home from work. I found this box sitting on my door step. At first I assumed it was the large box of pain killers I ordered so that I can deal with my supervisor. I tossed the box into the living room and made a few phone calls.
While I was talking to a friend, I noticed the bubbly hand written address label. (That was a hint that there might not be drugs inside the box.) It was box from an enabling guardian angel in California. Look what she sent me!!!

This box was full of fun. There is a handful of sock patterns and dish towel patterns. One is a Washington State dish clothes pattern. Then there was some Knit Picks sock yarn, Sockotta sock yarn, 800 yards of merino wool (possible sweater?), and some blue-green sock yarn WITH Brittany knitting needles!!! Then a friend tried to spoil the reality of the packages' origin. "She was just cleaning out her old patterns and unwanted yarns." But the cool thing is that in the end, I am the spoiled one! I always accept boxes of unloved yarn, I could probably open up a house to care of foster yarns or find space for unwanted yarn.

Going home to have dinner with the big family this weekend and I think the blue yarn and needles is joining me. BUT whenever I have a quick trip away, here is the trauma I have to deal with:
From the 60 pairs of socks I have to pick just a few pairs to take with me. How does a person decide which pair gets packed to travel and which one gets to stay home? Choosing my socks is often the most stressful part of the weekend get-away! Then while I try to choose, the socks come alive and attack things in the house. This next picture maybe a little graphic, look at own risk:
Can you see Kermit getting attacked by these crazy socks? Fortunately, I saved him in time so he can continue to be involved in future photo shoots!

Now do you want to see my finished pair of socks from the weekend?
These are the Broadripple. I really love how the pattern turned out. Yes, it is fixation yarn, which I hate, but the stretchiness and pattern make this yarn tolerable. This is color #9385, I bought it about a year ago.

Well, Happy knitting. I hope to have another pair for socks for you to see soon!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Welcome to the NW

Today is a holiday and apparently I committed to an annual event last year. It is an official hiking day with my friend, Super trail woman. Off of the sofa I went to hike Tiger Mountain, just a few miles east of Seattle. (30 minute drive) We get there about 8:30 am, first car at the trail head and up the mountain we go. Sadly there were no signs of any massive wild life like bears or cougars this time so we wondered through the woods listening to the birds and watching for "organic" huckleberries to nibble on, as well as counting the varieties of mushrooms on the soft forest floor. Ah nice isn't it?

At the top of the mountain this is the view I was able to take in as I chewed on my cliff bar. (Kind of jealous I did not think to make a delicious sandwich like Super trail woman.)

This is Mt. Rainier at 14,000 ft tall. Typically a 3 day climb to summit in good weather. It is a nice site, isn't it?
In the next picture I will introduce you to the city, Seattle. Can you spot the Space Needle?

After our little lunch break taking in the scenes it was time to hike back out the 4 miles. No big deal it's mostly down hill and through the beautiful cedar trees.... and then... Zappity- Zang... OUCH! Mr. yellow Jacket/Wasp guy decided to sting me on the leg. :( OWE... Fortunately I am not allergic to bees like Super Trail Woman and the good news is at this point there has been no need to amputate my leg yet and I will live to see another day of work.

But yet again boys and girl there is a moral to the story, The world just is not safe and I should have stayed home to knit!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

KIlled by knitting neglect?

Well, to my surprise not yet. I just can't keep a plant alive, and yet people (friends and family) try to make me a better plant mother by giving me "easy to care for" plants. The cactus, it was fatal. The poor thing was instantly killed as I tried too hard to love it. Yes, perhaps I tried to give it too much water. oh, the poor thing...

Then my dear friend Fionna moved east and gave me her Christmas tree, ok it was a Christmas Palm tree. It was ok until the first Christmas, still hanging in there for the second one, then the third Christmas... it appears to have no more leaves. I did not give up on him. I kept watering and pretending it was alive. Then one day little sprout Palm-y came up out of the planter. oh My!! how exciting was that? So I tried a new approach with the little guy. Neglect. It seems to be working ok. see here is a picture of dead man palm and little palm-y. But will he make it through winter?

The next victim is a really cool plant. Well, it was really cool until it was terrorized by sockergirl. I may have loved it too much, again. drowning and lack of sunshine. Typical NW problem, even inside sockergirl's cave. I keep picking otu the dead parts and pieces hoping something living will pop up. Today I found flowers in the pot!! how exciting is that???? WOW amazing. it has lived 9 months with me, take a look at its potential.

Now the last prisoner, he has done well for me. I think it is a rubber plant. NO it is not FAKE! It might be a rubber tree thing, I'm sure it has a name. It keeps turning different colors on me. Reds to browns after water sometimes back to green... very puzzling. This color change thing scares me and then I throw water on it and worry that it has drown. He seems to be doing ok, today.

Ok. Do you see the moral of the story here? There are reasons why I collect yarn NOT plants and kids. Please don't torture me with either kids or plants.