Tuesday, October 28, 2008

technical difficulty

Sorry to delay, I seem to have left my laptop power cable at sockermom's house. :( I was able to use the public computers at the library, but I seemed to have taken the little black cloud to the library with me. The printer was not function and would not print off my yarn discount coupon or a pattern I was hoping to read. Even with this mild drama, I managed to make all of my yarn parties with out the use of 24/7 internet information and communication. Yes, I even had to dust off the phone book a few times to get a phone number or address. (When that did not have the my answer I called up knitwisecracker at her computer to assist in the minor crisis.)

Now do you want to see all the unfinished projects?

This is TO-BE a Glow-in-the-dark scarf.

This is TO-BE a pair of cable heeled autumn socks.

Not pictured, still working on my blanket and another pair of socks that has been on a bit of a tour.

I may have mentioned that I am really trying to knit as fast as time permits and trying not to buy any more yarn. This is a hard task when I meet up with my knit gals at the .. yarn shop. Recently, I went through my stash and took a bag of yarn over to the yarn swap party. I really had no intention to bring any yarn home... but..... just look what yarn found me... or was forced on me!

It seems I have enough yarn for about 2 sweaters and bundles of socks. :) I guess this means even less time blogging and more project pictures to come?

Here is a quick shout out to my new fans in Brunei, Portugal and Indonesia!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


In August I was deep into Square making to try and participate in my Dragon friend's BIG birthday party. We made a blanket of 9x9 squares. I learned from this collaborative project that I need to stick to socks. all my squares needed to be blocked and stretched a bit. :( i think I will just stick to hanging out with my my cool triangle friends.

this is my cable square.
My triangle square.

And of course a trade-make sockergirl square. :)
I guess these are the only sock pictures I have for now.... :( but they may have a story to tell soon.

I blame the sweater making to explain why there are not as many postings and pairs of socks. (Good excuse right?)

Here is a smart dumbie who tried to steal my sweater. This is the Central Park Hoodie, made from 5 skeins of Cascade 220. I used all but 6 inches of yarn. It was a little scary. Let's look at the dumbie taking a rest after a few swings.

What a nice sweater! It turned out to be a snugger sweater than I expected. But I really like it. It is green, what is not to like?

Oh no... the dumbie tried to pick blueberries. He is so dumb he did not notice there are no berries left. That is when I was able to tackle him and get my sweater back to wear for the weekend.
Now a shout out to my fans down under, the gals in Charlotte and Paso Robles. I will try to keep the dumbie out of my blog and get more socks pictures to keep you fans happy!