Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I quit knitting!

Alright, did you really think I gave up knitting socks? April Fool's Day. I was protesting the length of winter and refusing to post until I found さくら cherry blossoms. I was waiting and waiting ... until a week ago! I found one lone cherry tree over on Bainbridge. Yes, I had to risk the chilly ferry ride to seek out the blossoms. Look, here is proof spring is around the corner.

The green snake posing with Cherry Blossom-san are my green pretzel over-knee socks. (Thanks 'K'.) Yes, I spent 3 weeks slaving away on two at a time toe up socks. You see, there is this character I know, K-san, she haD this mass amount of GREEN yarn she decided she was not fond of and wanted to D-stash. K-san picked up on the fact that I tend to knit a lot of green yarn and knit it rather rapidly. Therefore K-san pushed the green yarn on me, divided in evenly wound skeins. What was sockergirl to do? Say no?
The so called "450 yards" of yarn was accepted with a smile and the challenge to maximize the use of the yarn. After 2+ weeks of serious knitting I had to call up K-san and ask her to drop the curse of the endless yarn. K-san quickly got her garlic necklace on and the yarn slowly evaporated. I have never seen 450 yards of yarn make a pair over super hero socks. (When the weather gets better I will get a close up of the pretzel pattern.)

Next up are the amazing Leyburn socks created top down 60 st in the leg and 61stitches in the foot. This was a really fun, quick knit. The best part was how Socks that Rock - Barney Ruble colorway did NOT pool with this pattern. I highly recommend this pattern!

Next up: The March sockamania socks are fresh off the needles. This was the Rollercoaster pattern. The pattern did well with some random stash yarn, which I believe is Lana Cervinia Forever Jacquard yarn.

Have you seen this sock? It is that time again, Sock Madness has begun its third year. While I was not a huge fan of this pattern, yarn colors really makes me want to put these on my feet! What you can not see? There is a Drunken crazy Quilt pattern knit & purled in the socks. This is also the first pair of socks that required an installation of an "afterthought" heel. WHY? ... yes... WHy the heel last? Did I mention the additional 32 kitchner stitches to sew closed? I am mad fast with Kitchner stitch, but the heel really zapped my mojo for more Madness. BUT.... the next pattern is out on Saturday... sometime. Aren't we all a little curious what it will be?
As always a huge shout out to my dwindling fans across the world. I promise to do better for you readers, especially since mountain climbing season is coming soon.... along with spring.