Saturday, March 29, 2008

And it keeps following me!!!

When this stuff follows me... it makes life a little difficult.

Brrrrr... I'm talking about snow.
It followed me to this historic city....
to this beautiful historical spot.....
Even when I changed cities to get away from the cold white stuff... look what the pictures had a fresh layer of:
A day later... still a sprinkle of snow.
Then there was a sign... of springSince it is the end of March and all....but then my luck ran out.. and the white stuff returned. So I felt I needed to get started on a blanket. While it is only one 3x3 square of a predicted 420 squares... it is a start and by next winter I should be a bit warmer.
Did I mention the cold weather makes it easy to stay in and knit? Here is March's Sockamania Sock made from Lana Grossa yarns. This is also my last pair toward my attempted 52 sock plunge. I tried to keep up with a pair of socks a week but life got in the way and I only made 37/52. Maybe I was a little short on the goal. Believe it or not, I'd rather take in a little life over a few more stitches.
Will somebody please make the snow go away????

I'll post when the weather finally gets above 50 degrees.

Monday, March 24, 2008

uhm.. yeah, I am here?

I suppose we should start with a nice picture to make up for lost time. I have a couple thousand more but this will have to do. I actually says a lot.

This was the slip stitch sock. they turned out real nice. :) NEXT!

How about a little autumn socks in the spring! so they are a few seasons late but... they are completed. NEXT!

Here we have the first of a few more on the Sock Madness competition. I wonder if 120 people have completed their socks, yet... Regardless, a new pattern will be released the end of this week. (I am guessing.) Zombie pattern on trekking. nice color, eh? NEXT!

Now on to something a lot more interesting. :) This sock will put a smile on your face while you are getting all your stitches in the right spot. Really fun pattern from the slippery stitch pattern, Lorna's Lace Envy. hee hee... this concludes show and tell. Now on to the 6 month challenge I had, Did I stash away enough yarn? How much was left over? looky looky!
I think I did good. I knit from the allotted bag and only buy 2 skeins. Not bad, wouldn't you say?

Still have some work ahead of me. Need to finish the Sockamania socks before the end of the months!

Monday, March 10, 2008

I've been Marched on.

I don't know what happened. Marched has squished me to the ground and I have not been able to blog. I send my apologies to the thousands of readers out there. :) yeah, I am probably dreaming that this blog is famous!

My story is this... I have over a thousand pictures to download. In those thousand picture I have three pairs of completed socks. JUST believe ME. I will start the Sockamania socks tonight, and the Sleeves of my mohair sweater tomorrow. yes, the sweater thing could be a lie. BUT I did take the giant mohair ball and split it into 2 balls to be able to knit 2 sleeves at once. The splitting credit goes to Talkstostrangers. She pushed to split the mohair using her digital scales and ball winder. She really wanted to use the outer-space winder... but most of the 100 meters was already into the sweater and the super size winder was not necessary.

Well, a blog is not complete without a picture. So I will put a flame under me to get those super cool pictures up within a week... well... unless sockmadness 2 gets in the way of life, AGAIN!