Monday, May 17, 2010

Socks everywhere!

As you can see Sheldon has been hibernating during our chilly spring. (of course, the warmest spot would be in a pile of freshly knit socks.)

After our last hike of the year, we went to San Diego to get a taste of some warm water swimming.

I was afraid Sheldon would want to stay and make friends in the ocean. Thank goodness Sheldon got cold feet (huh huh huh)and insisted on returning to the Northwest.

Here I knit up a pair of Knotty gloves from the past summer's cool-aid dyed sock yarn. These babies are very cozy.

My mohair sweater finally was stitched together after sitting in the closet for a year. :)

So I had no choice but to start another sweater......yeah, a mohair hoody! But it still needs some sleeves. Now let's talk about socks!!!

Sock Madness is over for me this year. I was knocked out of round 4 due to some beautiful knee-highs... with a 120 stitch cast on! :( I would rater have stitched with 90 stitches from the start. Round 3 socks were the GAMs made with Opal rain forest yarn, snake. It had a weird heel but another interesting way to knit a sock. Round 2 was the Cool Bean socks. Yes, they look very cool, just a bit time consuming with all the stranding. Round 1 was terrible with sideways socks (happy feet yarn). About 160 stitches Kitchenered, couple hundred picked up at toes, heel and ribbing. Not to mention the lack of stretch in the sock length. No plans to make any side-winder like socks in my future.

How about some cookies? Every month I get A., Cookie. From the left is Vilai, Angee, Wanida, Sam, Bex, Cauchy and a mystery on the needles. Cookie A's book is a pretty good read, I recommend it. Next up is to spend time with Rick.

Oh, I have to thank Gherkin hand spun yarns for her gift to our Cookie A knit-a-long. As you can see she drew my name for some beautiful yarn. Perhaps there will be some matching climbing hat in Sheldon and I's future?

Here are a few more sock odds and ends. The random free pattern out on the web.

Let's hope Sheldon stays out of hibernation and does not get attached by any more snakes. I apologize to our fans for Sheldon's homebody mood these past months. I will work harder to keep him out and about .... so stay tuned.