Monday, November 26, 2007

A second encounter

Today’s scare was an attack by ninja’s. Look how scared my Philippine body guard is….
We were just at the mall sipping Tully’s Tiramisu Lattes… How innocent was that?

Then I wondered to this fabulous hotel for a concert, in the hotel there was a conference for monks, a couple of wedding ceremonies and various other meetings.… While I was waiting for my concert I took a picture of my multidiagonal scarf in the garden. I am not sure if you can see the fake ivy painted on the fence. It was funny and kind of cool.
I wanted to get a picture of my scarf keeping a penguin warm BUT… it was kind of fenced off. 

Finally here is my Sockomania Ripple Clown socks, not sure f you can note hope perfectly matched they are… wow… I did not think I could match so well with a patterned sock. While I await the next pattern… any ideas on a quick n easy patterned sock???

oh and lastly, I had to take a picture of this one... Has Charlie Nagatani been an honorary citizen in your state??? Does anyone know this guy?

Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Mine is on Friday. Well, I already had it... today. I went to the cheesy waterfront area with the Statute of Liberty replica. No, I am not kidding. There I ate a Hawaiian Hamburger - well it IS American flavored and the restaurant broadcasts radio from Honolulu, HI. Good burger, fries & American size Med drink for $10. Well maybe now it is more expensive as the dollar weakens.

well... not a lot going on here. The temperature suddenly dropped on Thursday and I walked home from the station in the 32 degree temperature and strong winds. Oh it was chilly. I was just wearing a light sweater and light jersey-like jacket. Wish I had my down jacket and scarf. Well finished the scarf for tonight`s walk from the station.

Fortunately, I did not run into this guy on the way home. Can you see Godzilla?

Chat with you later!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hope you don`t scare easily

Here is a pair of socks I knit last month, and just this weekend got the finishing touches threaded in. Can you see my special glow in the dark scary ghosts? (There are 6 in total 3 you might see.) I can*t wait to wears these around to scare people. Or will I only be scarying myself when I wake in the dark?

Next I show my Irish Hiking Cable scarf in chestnut color. I thought I would get to wear it to the soccer game this afternoon, and then the sun came out and I could not wear all my new knits. I am sure there will be many chances in the near future. Apparently the winter winds are here. Does this make sense?? well it is cold out and I may have to turn my heater on with in the week? But I will hold out a little longer and enjoy the chill.
I have been working on my fall socks... which I guess are too late according to the weather man. but the leaves have not fallen yet... maybe they will be ok...

These socks have two letters in them one is the 月moon and one is 秋Autumn。Autumn is suppose to be the best time of year to enjoy moon viewing and relaxing in the cool evenings. Hopefully you were able to enjoy a few moon views.

Here you will see my next project as the cold winds role in. This is of course the multidirectional diagonal scarf with the remenants of my glow strands delicately placed into the noro. ;) should be fun to wear!
Of course there is the sockamania sock I have one done and it is reminding me of clowns... you will see it later. Busy week ahead. I am wondering if my SNB group is meeting this Tuesday. 2 weeks ago No one showed so I came home... after a round of sushi with a friend!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Adventuresand a small shake

Sorry to have vanished for a week or so.. my current connection is shady at times. As I share with... uhm.. about a hundred people and whoever has the coolest computer gets the weak signal. Which means those of us with cool knitting supplies and a not so cool computer have to wait until the signal is stronger or the majority go to sleep.

Last weekend the weather was beautiful. So I took my socks out for a bit of an knitting adventure. The park seemed like a good idea ... until my yarn got so excited and jumped out of my bag into the waterfalls. :( I can't say it was the cleanest water but we did the photo in the sun and then headed home. So keep an eye on that yarn, the little fibers might walk away if you don't give it enough attention.
It was a pretty uneventful week after the yarn jumped in the water. I started the new sockmania ripple socks and should have one done by this weekend. It is a fun pattern but the sock reminds me of a clown... hmm.. you'll see.
My Thai model is debuting my completed Holly's socks from #144 trekking color. I think this is pair number 34 for the year.

The weather here is get chilly in the evening So I finished the Irish scarf and cleared the needles to start a multi diagonal one with glow in the dark strands.. Can't wait to wrap up! I will show pictures soon....??

Last night the weather was stormy, thunder and lightening and heavy rains. Kind of made for a mellow weekend knitting at home. I did venture out to the cafe, but pictures were marginal. We also had a nice earthquake of 3 magnitude. The glass of water on the table was moving pretty good, no worries I did not drop a stitch. :)