Thursday, June 25, 2009

Who will Die?

NO! NO! Who will dye? (Sorry for the confusion FBI guys.) See this box?

Sheldon got so excited when the mailman came, he jumped right in the box... little did he know there would be no new friends only TEN skeins of yarn. You can see Sheldon almost drown in the yarn. (Isn't that cute!) But this is not just any yarn, it is NUDE yarn.
This yarn is ready to be cool-aided up!

That is right. Mama Ann is having a dying party. She may be 82 years old but NO ONE will die. Are we clear? I hope my $8 kool-aid investment pays off tomorrow and will make a good variety of colors.
I forgot to mention in all of this chaos I finished another pair of socks.

Dimpled Diamonds pattern from Sock Madness 3. This used two colors of yarn, pretty fun pattern.

Here is a Shout out to my Fans in Finland and Sweden for read. Keep your threads moving on your needles!

SO load up your pockets with cool-aid and let's go make a mess of the kitchen! Yes, there should be some pictures coming soon!

GREEN! Green! Green!

Yes, I am seeing green. But unfortunately it is not the type of green that will buy me more yarn. Instead is it the kind that will make you more friends. See?

Meet Sheldon! He has been in my stash for a while and last weekend I kept hear him call to me. "Help! Help!" Finally, I could not take it anymore and put my socks up for a few days. Three days later Sheldon was released from his cedar box. He really is pretty cool and as you can see he has taken to my reading preferences. He even allowed me to finish a few pairs of socks along the way.

Doesn't Sheldon has good taste? These are the Waterloose Socks.

These socks have an easy 5 row pattern, with one technical row (if you call it that). Yep, it is a free pattern on Ravelry. Give it a try!

These are Anni's Lazy Leaf Socks for this month. Made with Happy Feet yarn and a toe up design. Seems I have been making a few more pairs of wrong way socks these days.... what is the world coming to? X-Rated pictures on my blog?

SORRY!! I tried to warn you! Sheldon got a little carried away and came out of his shell. I may need to get him a crabby friend to keep him under control. (Check out
Next on the list of "things-to-do" requires some blue yarns. One is the next pattern in Cookie A's book, Eunice.
If I get gauge this will show up in sock form next month. I am also contracted by free yarn to complete a hoody mohair sweater :) Again it will not be green.... but a nice NW summer sweater.

Sheldon and I have started preparing for an upcoming camping trip in two weeks. We are watching the weather and avalanche conditions carefully.
Thanks again Fans for sticking with me. Hope you are enjoying your summers and winters where ever you are in the world.