Sunday, February 8, 2009

Grass is Greener

Yes, the grass finally IS greener in my backyard. Frosty DID invite himself into my house for Christmas, apparently even frosty was tired of the NW snow fall.
My nephew helped me put frosty outside with the 5 inches of snow that fell during our Christmas dinner.
Ten days later Frosty looked like this:
And I had a new pair of socks while I watched the mass amounts of snow melt. (I still have a slow melting pile of snow in my drive.) The completed socks are made from Fancy Image Yarn with the ZigZag pattern from Cavy designs. I enjoyed both the yarn and pattern. I am bummed that TalkstoStrangers is receiving these socks soon.
I was also able to whip up the Sockamania Scroll pattern. This is made with the very soft Pagewood yarn colorway of Camoflouge. Sooooo.... can you see the pattern through the camo? Can you even see the socks in the picture??? Look closely.
This year I am trying to dive even deeper into the stash with none or uhm... ok ... more realistically, Minimal sock yarn purchases. The sock yarn grew out of control before my travels and it may have grown while I was away. The vast amounts of sock yarn in my treasure chest really seem to be challenging the titanium hinges and air tight seal. I would love to hear the crisp click when I close it up before my next journey. (I will feel better about my wool being safe from zombies.)
Next blog will be exciting, as the current two pairs of socks are very fun for me to knit. I am blowing through them hopefully by this coming weekend.
A big shout out to all my patient fans and groupies all around the world, I hope to be there for you in the Near future!