Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Another happy Pumpkin

Looks like the hat make it in time to scare off the ghosts and gobblins.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

saga of a hat

I did not realize that Halloween was just around the corner. So I ran to the dollar store and bought the cheap size 9 dbpt needles and some BRIGHT cheery orange yarn to quickly pound out a pumpkin hat for my little friend on another island. I hope she likes it.... or better yet, I hope it makes it to her house by Halloween. And it might be a problem....

You see I got the brillant idea to make the hat at about 830pm Friday night, and I stayed up late knitting. Saturday I woke up wrote a letter and addressed the envelope, I knew it was raining... So I grabbed my umbrella and put on my NW rain parka (Green of course) to wonder out to the post office I thought would be open Saturday morning. NOPE! After asking around I could not get anyone to fess up the location of a post office open on Saturday morning. It must be a national secret. I will get to the bottom to this in time. Anyway, As I am walking home the rain is stronger and the wind even more! ... and of course the postmen were cruising past splashing water on me. it was like an line of ants marching... but I could not figure out where they were going or coming from. Thought about jumping infront of them to make them tell but opted to teh safer side and kept heading home. At this point the package no longer mattered, I was soaked my umbrella was almost broken by the huge winds, I could not find a dry spot for the cell phone.. and my package was pretty wet... :( And you wonder why it was raining so hard?? oh, there was a typhoon passing through. I think the weather man forgot to mention that in his weather forecasts earlier in the week. ARGH!

But typhoons are fun to watch from inside and I can't wait for the blue sky to follow. I will see blue sky, right?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Took the socks for a walk

The weekend was super busy and I never had time to recover before the work week to update the blog.

Saturday I met Game-Girl and we resisted the game center in place of a nice walk. :) We did the Race for a Cure. The course was cool because it went around the Emperor's palace. Did I mention the weather was fabulous? High 70s with a gentle breeze. Perfect for a 5K walk. Then after the walk... we decided to take the socks to the park to watch the Herons, Koi, turtles and ducks. (Click on pictures to get a better view of the wildlife.)

Of course, Game girl and I had to go to an electronics shop and look at games, Nintendo DS, also tried out the relaxation chairs and current trendy sports equipment. Then window shopping in the expensive shopping district for cake and coffee. YUM! chocolate cake. After not being able to buy any of the $4000 hand bags, we went to the book store where I purchased a pattern book to attempt my personally designed autumn socks. Can you wait?? Do you think they will really be unique? Hope I can figure out the pattern I want.

Almost forgot to show you a picture of a sweater I am saving money for... I don't want to own up to the quality.

How much so you think I need to save for this creatively miss sewn sweater? $450 Yep, in sock terms that is slightly less than 30 pairs of socks.

Today since I seem to be catching a cold, my socks took me to the park to view a natural Rose-sock bush. Amazing!!
Seriously, there were roses in all colors. I was looking for the rare Blue colored rose famous in this area. Roses in October???
Then my almost complete socks did a bit of a photo session, enjoy:

NO sock in this one:
While some people offer their toys to the gods, uhm... I kind of have second thoughts about offering my hand knit socks.
Then we came home and my socks quickly went to sleep on the bed. :( I thought I was the sick one.

I used Fortissima tweed yarn, and of course the Sockmania October Elegance pattern. Hope all is well and my socks are staying busy enough for you.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Culture day!

Yet again... I am up to my usual doings. I finished a sock for the Sockmania group pattern Elegance. It is hard to see in the following picture, but I will try to post a better one this weekend. (Maybe I will have a pair of socks to show.)
My beautiful model is not only wearing my favorite color, but she is also from Argentina. Thanks Ms. Argentina!
The following is a picture of me wearing a similar outfit. Not sure you can see how small the shoes are... ouch! They were about half the size of my size 11 feet. Our style of outfits would typically be wore to weddings and special occasions.
Also, I went into Town to find the knitting Cafe Saturday. Even with all the wacky blocks and funky addresses here, I found the cafe but the doors were locked. I found out later after reading the webpage a little closer with at the crazy symbols that you must make reservations. :( Fortunately to make up for the closed cafe... last night was the SNB group in town. They are always a good group to bounce ideas off and try to gain more knitting energy, although many of them are crocheting. I am not yet used to the smokey atmosphere with the meet up spot being in a bar. hmm.... will I adjust?

Really I must move on to other things. Or to finish a second sock?? hmmm...

Saturday, October 13, 2007

quick question?

I am getting feed back that you want to see more pictures or my socks on tour. The problem is i can't knit that many socks so fast these days because I am pretty busy. Do you want to see one sock on tours, should I attempt to knit a socker ball or just buy one at the nearest dollar store??

Friday, October 12, 2007

Like a river

It seems it is time for another weekend. No one can complain about that, right :)

Life is like a river, once in it you have no choice but to follow it...somewhere. It has now been a month since I started working on this project with the new colleagues. I think I am really lucky there is good group harmony. There is so much to learn in my new position, I frequently feel overwhelmed and wonder why I chose to escape my previous office burn out. In fact last week there were days when I wished I was there in the frustrating environment. BUT Change always makes one stronger and better in the long run.
Some how it seems that I have picked up the role of the go-to-girl, I seemed to have given everyone the impression I know what is going on at all time of the day. Reality, I am just as confused as they are, but I might have a sharp ear, then take the time to read the documents and ask questions. Since we were all new a month ago, we were given the chance to pile in a bus and go tour together. Yippy, bus time equals.... knitting time!

So here is what I was hoping to do after 2 hours of cable knitting:
But this is what we actually ended up doing. I think is was still very cool. oh, take a look at the weather. A little too warm to work on the Mohair at this point, mid 70s.
Well, as I was saying the weather was nice until.... the wind picked up and we got slightly stuck in the river. So we put the Kenyian amd Nepali guy to work to pole us back to shore. BUT in the end the guides came out to save us. We just got a little longer boat ride. :)
Do you want to see the latest knitting or what we had for lunch? Always nice when the company buys lunch.
Enough pictures of me outside playing in the sun shine, it is time to show a complete sock I finished on the crowded train last night. It is Trekking with the Holly's sock pattern from Sock bug. Two people volunteers to be my model. You be the judge as to who is cuter?

In the one picture we have Ms. Brazil, and then in the other picture is weird cute character of the week.I have no idea what it was. A cute pink bear with vicious claws? thank goodness I got the sock back from him.

Started another new pair of socks, this one with cables and did I mention I now have 2 single socks floating around my room. oh well... here is a close-up on one of them.

Tomorrow I am going to try and meet-up with a new knitting group. Hopefully I will have lots to tell you then.

Lastly, I leave you with my Thai model posing with a frog. I also want to thank those who left a message on my blog last week. It was nice to know that I am not taking note of my life alone and that there are people out there reading my blog.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Rockin Flowers and... Knitting

Wow! The week flew by and it was another big week. Let's just start with this picture to put you in a cheery mood. ...

The week started with a lesson in flowers. Kind of fun but I think I will stick to knitting. It seems there are too many rules to the proper arrangement, not to mention I can't tell one purple flower from another. Actually, I can't tell the difference between a pink flower, blue flower, white flower.... etc. I think you get the picture. Didn't I mention earlier I tried to kill my flowers this summer and they only came back to haunt me???

The cool thing about the flowers, is I have them set in my doorway to greet me. Every time I come home I get a fresh smell as I walk in the door and the flower make me smile. Even my new daffodil hat is enjoying the flowers. This hat is really truly the last of the daffodil yarn. I barely squeezed it out of the scraps of the socks and gloves...

Friday night I went into the big city with my friends. As we will milling around I found....

Yes, these are crazy looking green shoes and they were in my size. I had not choice but to spend the $10. BUT, when I got home I tried to make my snazzy hand knit socks work with the funky green shoes.. and... seems I need to knit a pair of solid colored white or blue socks. Put that on the list of things to do!

Saturday I went to one of my favorite concerts around town. My friend sent me the invite a week ago, so I planned the 90 minute commute to fit my knitting schedule. This was about the right amount of time to finish my surprise sock. I have taken its picture with Penta-kun.

WHO is Penta-kun? Or better yet, WHAT is Penta-kun? I don't know... I was walking down the street and someone in a penta-kun costume was handing out this doll. So I got in line with all the little kids to get my very own Penta doll. I know you are all VERY jealous, I can see that look in your knitting faces.

Oh, I hope the yarn gods will be ok with me if I spend my yarn money on a Nintendo DS my friend was showing me some cool brain games and other nerdy games for the system. I am having trouble parting 2 months of yarn money. I have not bought any new yarn for 2 weeks! oh other things... had my first encounter with the Wii system. FUN even though Game-girl kicked me at every game!! Just means there is room for improvement, right? Also, Game-girl noticed the earthquake before I did ... I have not felt one of those in a while. It was just a small tremor and we watched our tea giggle back and forth... no big deal!

I will try to keep the earthquakes small this week and hope to have a new sock to show soon.