Saturday, March 31, 2007


このブログは日本語で書けますか。  すごいですね。 私は日本語を書くことを喜んでいます。
Oh, for all you Japanese illiterates. This is my niece, Mio. Isn't she cute! She is wearing the ever so trendy Trellis sweater from knitting, with angora booties. The 100% cotton yarn is that super cool new Ty-Dy yarn.
Advice for self striping sock knitters: Don't pick sweat self striping yarn to make a sweater. You might lose sleep trying to figure out how to match the stripes uniformly.

First Blog

Here I am trying to figure out this blogging thing. Let's hope I am semi-successful and not completing wasting the ever so valuable knitting time. hmm... The reason I seem to have a free weekend is because I was waiting for that new Sock Madness pattern to be released. Now they are planning to release on Wednesday. like all participants we are eagerly awaking the next pattern dash!

oh, I might as well try to include a picture of my latest pair of completed socks. Austerman Step was nice and soft to knit. They even leave my feet nice an soft, too.