Saturday, November 29, 2008


Uhm.... yeah, bye-bye November it's time for December. I am hoping for even lower gas prices and a bit of snow. If the slow retail sales continue, then I may have more leisure time for knitting (from stash) and playing in my snowshoes wearing special handcrafted wool socks, of course.
Again, not sure where November went..... let me see.....

I was not able to visit Obama, but this summer I think there is need for some research and sock investigation. Hey, Maybe there is an Obama Yarn shop?? I won't know unless I go and check it out, right? Of course, all of you fans are now dying to know more about this fabulous fishing village. You must not be let down. So hold your socks on until July for those special travel pictures.

The above picture is just a teaser to our little project.

Yarn! Yes, I have been knitting a little. My sock blanket is now 26.1% that is 117 squares of the planned 448. No repeated squares, yet...... I received the above scraps from a new knit pal. I can't wait to add them in to the master"piece."

These Get Fruity socks from Sockamania are HOT off my size two needles. Sizzle sizzle,eh? If you are a real fan, you would remember this yarn I won from the Sockamania drawing in July. Free socks are great, but free is even better with green!

There is no need to clean your screen, the photo is a little blurry. This is another completed pair of autumn socks with Celtic cabled heels. This means there is one more happy sock wearer in the world. Does this mean we are one STEP closer to world peace?

I will continue to travel with AND neglect my reversai socks, they seem to be in search of a more satisfying knit spot....

Lastly a shout out to my ever so reliable fans in Italy, Turkey and the 12 of you in Boring, Oregon. Keep reading as I will try to be more Boring for you next time!