Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Back to knitting???

Here it is, February's Sockamania sock. Like the hearts? Not quite my style, so I am giving them away. In fact I made them small to pass off easier to a small footed friend. Hope she likes them, otherwise one of the Indonesians want them to stay warm.
You might think these socks look a little goofy, well your right. When I bought this yarn I accidentally miscalculated the yardage and grams of yarn for a pair of socks. I started toe up and turned the heel... then started to notice the yarn would not make a second sock. Of course, this was sale yarn and there was only one skien of this lavender color. Then a wise person came along and gave me the idea to buy another color of the yarn and make the pair cohesive. What do you think?
While this is only my 3rd pair for th year, I seem to have 3 single socks hanging around my room. Not to mention the March sockamania pattern coming out next week.... and then once we ar ein March it is time for Sock Madness competition!!! oh my!

Monday, February 11, 2008

A guided tour of the north

I am sorry if you are illiterate and can not read the sign to see where I went... study a little harder and you'll get it. Just like knitting a foreign language takes practice, you may be wondering if a native language takes practice, too!

I introduce my 7 year old tour Guide. Guide and I got along great. Although I am still a little jealous he passed the 4th grade writing test beating my score by 10 points. I quickly got over that as we road the bus to the park to observe the crowds at 9am. Our eyes got kind of big a the site of this:

Regardless of the 3 hours line, we jumped right in... for the 20 second tube ride. ;) (I later found out that the locals don't stand in line, they just sled in their back yards to avoid such lines.) Guide and I, we spend 5 hours at the park sledding, bamboo skiing, participating in obstacle courses, walking through a snow maze ... lots of fun. After we had ramen for lunch Guide put me on the bus to see the big sculptures. REALLY, these structures are HUGE, 4 stores high. Take a look!

Here is one of the stages.... 18 Meters tall x 30 meters wide x 20 Meters. 385 five-Ton truck loads of snow were hauled in for 3000 "Spent Personal"

And another...

A little smaller...

The crowds seemed to get in the way of a good picture... I am afraid these pictures aren't that interesting for you.



couple more...
And on to the ice sculpture park

Since the ice sculptures did not take good photos I am just going to move on to a word from our sponsor

And now a little tid-bit about sock knitting, I seem to forget from time to time, one pair of socks takes 100grams of fingerweight yarn even if the package says 200 meters.. I try to kick myself to make things better, but that does not make another ball of yarn appear. As you can see my panda friend is holding one nearly completed sockamania sock.. this story is to be continued while I...

Cast on another pair, which panda's counterpart is modeling for us. The slip stitch cable sock... it is going quickly.
I would love to have showed the Pizza hut pizza we ate or the Wii games Guide and I played... but enough is enough. Hope you enjoyed!
Next adventure in about 2 weeks.... if I can't find one sooner.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

A cold snowy week

I started the week with a visit from a scary man! (Well, I really went to a drama and he appeared!) Then we threw beans to get rid of the bad spirits on the third. Am I sounding crazy yet???

After all the crazy spirits the sky threw snow at us... and all the Indonesians went crazy in their first snow experience and saved me the work of building a snowman. While I sat warmly inside the house, I was happy to have house mates. But I am not bragging about the construction of this snowman. We all know American snowmen are three balls high.

It snowed yet again today and the weatherman says it will come back again this weekend. Currently there are only spots of snow around so walking to the train are not too bad.... While these pictures are nice & soothing... I almost guarantee fabulous pictures next week. hee hee hee.... I am just as excited to take the pictures! Just wish I had a new million camera to play with....
uhm... yeah this is a knitting blog so here is the knitting goods... Sockamania "wrong way" socks with heart pattern. Hey stop laughing at me... but don't worry these are not for me. Sockergirl can not wear hearts!

Check back next week for cool photos.. more knitting?? That is still questionable.