Friday, December 31, 2010

Sheldon's Summer Adventure

I am guessing my best of socker fans may have given up on me. BUT Sheldon and I are indeed still HERE. We will try to do better for all of you in every corner of the earth. This past summer Sheldon grew a hard shell and decided to swim across the ocean.

Along the way he met up with some pirates, but we showed them a few yarn tricks to help with their nets. This allowed us to pass by the pirates and keep swimming.

When we got to shore we sipped a delicious green drink to quench our thirst, as it was super hot on this Pacific island.
The further on shore we went, we found many obstacles, such as this crazy monster!
He did inform us where we would find a few knitting friends:

We took in a few sites along the mountain sides.

Is it refreshment time?
Sorry, a little Tokyo congestion before we meet other knitting buddies.

These are real silk worm cocoons. We were able to see how silk was made and there is now a higher level of respect in regards to those silk socks.

As we were "chilling out" and enjoying our healthy greens, along came this guy.

He was very kind to us, Sheldon wanted to voice a concern to the island's chief before we could consider returning home.
Sheldon's complaint was the construction rails. Do you see the issue?

Why the monkeys? Shouldn't the rails be held up with friendly green turtles?

The leader clearly was not happy with the suggestion and got a few of his friends. We bought a round of ice coffee and Coffee jelly,
Soon they understood how turtles should be displayed a little more prominently around their island. They even shook on the agreement, we will see more turtles next visit.
They waved us off and wished us a safe journey back through the warm waters.

As you can see summer was quite busy and fulfilling on the island. After returning home knitting slowed down a bit and we started to dye,

Beautiful kool-aid sage greens made with Blueberry & Orange combination. (I would have never guessed, Orange and blue to make sage.) AND it smells so yummy!
Let's review last year a bit, my apologies for the lack of a jingle Sheldon was too tired to pick the proper track.

Stayed tuned for more socker action and Sheldon adventure!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Quick update