Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bummer game

I've be hidden in my cave watching all the World cup Socker games. My team finally got bumped off last week. I've been cheering for the underdog, Black stars.

Yes, that's not very patriotic of me. Since they knocked-off USA in extra time. This week they played Uruguay and it was a great game neck and neck through the extra time periods. Then I had to watch the kick offs... where my team was out scored. Bummer for Africa.

Ghana losing was not the worst part of my day. When I turned away from the TV, there was a giant ant eating my cookies!!!!

OH MY!!!! LOOK at this guy!!! He took a few bite out of the cookie a Mock Socks,

and Milo Cookies.
I think he actually walked off with my specially dyed Rick socks. Don't worry I will shake them out of him soon. Otherwise he will look like this the next time:
So keep watching my gracious fans to what happens to Ali. Don't worry Sheldon is not being replaced, he's will come out of his shell soon.

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