Tuesday, October 11, 2011

We want to win!!!

Sheldon and I really want to get ourselves some tickets to Japan. We decided to stay home last summer because of all the termoil and clean up from the big March event. All of our friends are fine, but we did not want to burden them and consume the resources in Japan, such as electricity. The truth is, Sheldon is a big pansy and can not survive Japan with out AC. Here in the northwest we have a pool to chill-in. I mean, he is a turtle after all.
So Sheldons new plan is to get free plane tickets. Did you see this? Free tickets
Yeah, we want to blog to all our socker fans about the trip we will win. Just think of all the knitting spots still to be discovered.... I would even like to volunteer to take some knit socks to the Tsunami affected areas.
When can we jet our hands on these tickets? Will it be in time for Sapporo snow festival? Or Cherry blossoms in Okinawa or Tokyo? Maybe Sheldon and I will get geothermal sand baths in Kyuushu, or mail you a post card from the top of Mt Fuji.
Hurry up Japan, let me know when I can get those tickets. I really need a good Japanese meal and 足袋(tabi) for my tabi(旅)。

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Anonymous said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya'! Kay